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Canine Breeding and Fertility Services

Available 7 days/week

With over 20 plus years breeding, handling, and training dogs, we are now offering our services to help you with your breeding needs. Whether you need assistance with a natural breeding or collection/artificial insemination for a difficult bitch, we can help. We are dedicated to meeting your breeding needs. I work diligently around the clock to accommodate a bitch's needs in order to provide you with the best chance of pregnancy. We have had numerous successful pregnancies with females that have had countless failed attempts by veterinarians.

Canine Breeding Service Rates:

Natural Breeding $50
Collection & Artificial Insemination $100
Vaginal Smear $40
Blood testing for Progesterone $75
Guaranteed Pregnancy from start to finish flat rate of $500
Delivery/Whelping Litter $200
Delivery/Whelping/Raising/Selling Litter until 7 weeks  
Boarding per day $40
We are available 24/7, but an after hour charge will apply for appointments after 6 pm $50


I work a little differently than the repro vets as I prefer to study the bitch on a daily basis throughout the heat cycle.  I rely on three diagnostics to A. confirm a normal heat cycle and B. precisely pinpoint the day of ovulation. I examine physical behavior, cell cytology (vaginal smears) and progesterone testing, all of which I do myself. Accurate timing is of the utmost importance. I also feel that stress plays a very important role in conception. High cortisol levels will interfere with fertility.

While each case is different, the average "normal" heat cycle consists of approximately 5-7 smears, 3 progesterone tests, and 2-3 collections/inseminations. I am extremely thorough and will do everything I can to ensure a pregnancy. I charge a flat rate of $500 guaranteeing a pregnancy or you can pay for services separately.

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