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Elaine & Remmy

Elaine came to me a year and a half ago looking for a German Shepherd puppy that she could enjoy as a companion and as a possible prospect for Schutzhund. She has returned to a sport she enjoyed 30 years ago with more enthusiasm and dedication than I see in most new players. Her last five years have been a struggle with the many medical battles she has conquered, breast cancer being one of them.
Elaine and her husband, Lee, constantly come bearing gifts, from dog cookies, to a refinished pony cart, and most recently a pot full of meatball soup (in honor of her proud pup "Remmy", as Scotty dubbed him "Meatball" when he was a young, very chubby pup). Elaine and Lee spent many hours volunteering their time in helping me paint during the enormous remodeling project here.

Last week, they brought Remmy to visit the nursing home of her old Schutzhund coach and German Shepherd breeder. When they first saw her, this once strong woman was frail and disinterested in her surroundings. Elaine knew that Remmy would be much too exuberant to bring inside, so she asked the nurse if she could play with him outside the picture window of the dining room so her friend could see. As Elaine shared a game of ball with Remmy, she watched intently as joy filled her heart. With a smile from ear to ear, once again, she was able to experience her passion and love for dogs, a breed she had dedicated her life to. I am certain in that moment, Elaine gave her a gift of a lifetime...and knowing Elaine and Lee, they will give it again.

I just wanted to take the time to share how much I appreciate their kindness and generosity, how proud I am of her progress with Remmy, and how honored I am to be their friend. You're beautiful people, you inspire me on so many levels, everyday.

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